To Home School or Not to Home School?

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have been battling if I should home school my child for a year now.  I was going to start the beginning of the school year but, was talked out of it by another family member:( But, as Christmas was drawing near it was very evident that I needed to follow through with my plan to home school.  What makes me qualified to home school my child I was asked by various people, that saddened me that my others in my life would question my ability to know what is best for my child:(  But I knew he was not exceling and learning the way I would want him to and thought he needed a broader variety of learning.  Thus we have embarked on home schooling.  There are a lot of home school tools out there to help on your journey of home school as well as free sites and free print outs to make things easier and affordable. you can also utilize your local library which is what we are doing.  I have also found a ton of home school blogs to help with tips and support.  One book that we are going through right now is “Home School your Child for Free” by: LauraMaery Gold and Joan M. Zielinski, it has a ton of great advice and websites to help you with homeschool.  There are also sites in the book where you can buy curriculum that you feel fits your childs needs.  I am also utilizing a home school group in my area so my child can attend field trips and meet other home school children.  I hope this helps someone that may be struggling with the decision to home school or not, no one knows your child/children like you so do whats best for you and your child/children.  Below are a few home school mom blogs that you may find helpful:),,, , ,

Good Luck and until next time God Bless,



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