The Master Tonic…for whatever else ails you:)

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

I talked about GOOT yesterday and my son-in-law had to use some yesterday on himself and he’s well enough to go back to work today:)  But, there is another remedy I have been using for several years.  It’s called master tonic and it will pretty much kill any germ bacterial or viral.   My daughter was unlucky enough to catch the swine flu and I gave it to her and she was well in 24 hours so it will definitely get you well:)   My family calls it dragon juice because it is spicy but it gets the job done.

Master Tonic


1 part fresh chopped

garlic cloves(antibacterial




1 part fresh chopped

white onions, or the hottest onions available (similar properties to garlic)

1 part fresh grated

ginger root (increases circulation to the extremities)

1 part fresh grated

horseradish root (increases blood flow to the head)

1 part fresh chopped

Cayenne peppers, Jalapenos, Serranos, Habeneros, African bird peppers….any

combination of the hottest peppers available



Fill a glass jar 3/4 of the way full with equal parts of the above fresh chopped and grated herbs.

Then fill to the top with raw unfiltered, unbleached, nondistilled

apple cider vinegar.


Close and shake vigorously and then top off the vinegar if necessary. Begin this formula on the

NEW moon and strain and bottle on the FULL moon, (approximately 14 days). Filter the mixture

through a clean piece of cotton, bottle and label.


Make sure that when you are making this tonic that you shake it every time you walk by it, a

minimum of once per day. Remember that all the herbs and vegetables should be fresh (and

organic if possible), and to use dried herbs only in an emergency.


Strain liquids from solids through muslin cloth or strainer into a 8oz. Glass. Note: the solid ingredients

retain almost the same potency as the liquid ingredients; therefore, these solids can be puréed to use with

other ingredients like honey and lemon to make a salad dressing or to marinate meats of all sorts.

This formula will not spoil

unless mixed with new ingredients.


1/2 to 1 ounce, two or more times daily, gargle and swallow.


Store your tincture in a dark place as light will deteriorate it. You can put the jar in a paper bag for the

brewing and shaking process. “Tinctures last indefinitely, while herbs can lose potency within a year.

Also, tinctures enter your system in seconds, as compared with dry herbs in capsules which have to be

digested first.” Advised Schultz.

This tonic is extremely powerful, because all the ingredients are fresh. Its power should not be

underestimated. This formula is a modern day plague tonic and when added to an incurable

routine I have seen it cure the most chronic conditions and stubborn diseases. It stimulates

maximum blood circulation, while putting the best detoxifying herbs into the blood. This formula

is not just for the sniffles, it has helped to turn around the deadliest diseases.

Here is a youtube video showing the process:

I usually just blend the ingredients up one by one in a food processor, which is easier than grating. I then layer in a gallon glass jar and cover with apple cider vinegar leaving a space of about 2 inches in the top…good luck and hope you like it…I actually like the taste:) I also did not start this on a new moon like the instructions say…don’t think it matters. I also used regular jalapeno peppers instead of the hottest I could find.

til next time God Bless and be safe


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