How cutting out the crap and going Paleo can help your insides:)

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are many reasons why going even 80% paleo could help your insides and help with sleep and a foggy free brain….here is a chart that can help educate you to how what we eat can effect us.

Foods to avoid: (Sugar,Processed foods,Trans Fats) Grains: (Bread,Cereal,Pasta,Rice,Quinoa,any gluten free subtitute.)

Grains provoke an Inflammatory response in our gut:

Lectins-proteins found in grains,legumes and dairy – most poplar lectin is Gluten – role in nature – anti-predation – hard to digest/breakdown, resistant to stomach acid & digestive enzymes – they pass thru the digestive tract largely intact!! Where all hell breaks loose:( (autoimmunity, food allergies, IBS, celiacs disease) They kill the cell lining of intestinal membrane – foreign substances pass into blood stream….where they don’t belong:( Our immune system is 80% in intestines, it recognizes invaders and provokes an inflammatory response…systemically.

Grains Spike Insulin Levels: super concentrated source of carbs = sugar, lots of carbs = lots of insulin, excess insulin = stored as fat, chronically elevated insulin levels= cell becoming desensitized pancreas secretes more insulin than necessary and we continue to gain weight because glucose is always present in the bloodstream instead of utilizing fat stores.

Grains Have an Acidifying effect on the Body: Concept of acid base balance – Acidic Environment is inflammatory and is a result of chronically raising insulin, it promotes Bone De-mineralization, Osteoperosis, Leeches muscle mass…:(

Grains are empty Calories: There is nothing found in grains you can’t get from a better source with no down sides or side effects.

Dairy: Milk, cheese, cream, yogurt, kefir

Dairy is Insulinogenic & inflammatory to the gut and causes damage to gut lining…causes an immune response! (skim, 1%,2%, whole milk all similar responses) Dairy has an acidic effect on the body ( especially cheeses), as a growth promoter, dairy drives cellular reproduction, but associated high insulin levels upregulate the production of mutated cells which can form tumors and cause cancer:(  removal of dairy will clear up congestion,mucus and acne.

Legumes: Beans, peas, lentils, soy, and peanuts – contain lectins same as grains, carb dense = more insulin…sound familiar?

“Fiber”= a poor reason to eat them, they offer an “incomplete amino acid profile” they are a third world protein = surviving but not thriving!  Micronutrient density = pales in comparison to veggies and dark leafy greens.

Soy: Problematic Phytoestrogens, In women soy consumption is linked to longer and more painful menstrual periods:(

In men soy consumption is linked to decreased sperm count:(  It will mess with your sex hormones!!

Metabolic Derangement: Insulin sensitivity = Insulin Resistance = Type 2 Diabetes = Death!! This process across the spectrum is reversible:)

“Inflammation”: a slightly abstract concept but a critical component to our quality of life!

Your Immune system’s efficiency is being compromised by having to divert resources based on your nutrition and life style choices:(

Syndrome X/ Metabolic Syndrome: a family of uniquely modern, life style effected disorders, including:

Obesity, CVD,T2D,High Cholesterol,T3D,mood disorders,learning disabilities,ADD/ADHD,autism,asbergers,anxiety disorders,celiac,ulcerative colitis,hashimotos thyroid disorder, and infertility

Systemic Inflammation is the common thread amongst all of these diseases!

Foods You Can Eat: Meat, eggs, Fish, poultry, lots of veggies, some fruit, nuts, good fats(olive oil on salads, cook with lard, coconut oil, tallow or bacon grease…more good fats to eat are avocados, olives and fatty “grass fed meat”, your starches should be earned by taking care of yourself and exercising at least 3 times a week by walking or sprinting or doing some weight training or intervals, good starches are sweet potatoes, yams, taro root, yucca root, turnips, beets and carrots:)

I hope this has helped a few weed thru what exactly grains and sugars and dairy can do to us and why we must avoid them to be our healthiest:)  There are a few people out there that have no problems with a little dairy so try no dairy for 30 days and slowly add back in and see how you feel.  After a 30 day challenge you can drop down to 80% paleo and see how you do with that:)

I would love feedback and  let me know if I missed something:

God Bless and til next time be safe,



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